SYNER-G: Systemic Seismic Vulnerability and Risk Analysis for Buildings, Lifeline Networks and Infrastructures Safety Gain
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SPECIAL SESSION in the 2nd European Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Seismology,
Istanbul, 27th August 2014


Kyriazis Pitilakis
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Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Infrastructures and Socio-Economic Impacts: General Methodology

P. Franchin, P. Pinto
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Understanding Seismic Hazard Needs for Infrastructure Risk Analysis: Lessons from SYNER-G

G. Weatherill, S. Esposito, I. Iervolino, P. Franchin
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Data Collection and Inventory Compilation Methods for Seismic Risk Assessment: Application of Remote Sensing Techniques for Building Inventory Update

U. Hancilar, P. Tenerelli, S. Argyroudis, K. Pitilakis
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Fragility Functions for Physical Elements due to Seismic Risk

S. Argyroudis, A. Kaynia, H. Crowley
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SYNER-G - Taxonomy for the Systemic Approach

P. Gehl, N. Desramaut, A. Vagner
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Seismic Fragility Curves for Reinforced Concrete Buildings and Bridges in Thessaloniki

G. Tsionis, M. Fardis
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Systemic Vulnerability and Risk Analysis of Buildings and Infrastructure in the City of Thessaloniki, Greece

K. Pitilakis, S. Argyroudis, J. Selva, K. Kakderi, B. Khazai
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Seismic Vulnerability of Buildings in the Vienna Basin: A Case Study

H. Wenzel, D. Schafer, F. Ganelli
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Systemic Seismic Risk Analysis of an Electric Power Network, a Road Network and a Health-Care System in Italy

F. Cavalieri, P. Franchin, A. Lupoi
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Seismic Risk Analysis of L’Aquila Gas Distribution Network

S. Esposito, I. Iervolino
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