SYNER-G: Systemic Seismic Vulnerability and Risk Analysis for Buildings, Lifeline Networks and Infrastructures Safety Gain
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The overall objective of SYNER-G is to increase the understanding of the vulnerability of various societal elements at risk belonging to a system (city, region, lifeline network etc) and to propose appropriate methods and tools to consider inter-element and intra-systems interdependencies, including socio-economic features. It will promote the use of modern resources and tools for seismic risk mitigation and it will establish a European reference for seismic societal and physical vulnerability. To achieve this, the partners in SYNER-G, through an interactive and well structured process will bridge scientific and technology advancement with the development of social-perspective approaches, in order to develop a unified approach. More precisely, seven main objectives, target areas and key themes will be addressed and achieved by SYNER-G:

  • The first scientific and technical objective of SYNER-G is to encompass all past and ongoing knowledge and know-how on this topic at a European and International level.
  • The second objective is to select the most advanced fragility functions and methods to assess the physical and societal-economic vulnerability of assets (buildings, utility systems and transportation infrastructures, society, economy), improving and further developing new ones where necessary, considering European distinctive.
  • The third objective is to propose the most appropriate means of selecting seismic scenarios at system level.
  • The fourth and quite innovative objective is to develop a unified methodology to assess vulnerability at a system level considering interdependencies between elements at risk (physical and non-physical), belonging to different systems and between different systems as a whole at city and regional scale.
  • The fifth scientific and technical objective is to build an appropriate open-source software and tool to deal with systemic vulnerability in order to improve the seismic risk assessment and management.
  • The sixth objective is to validate the effectiveness of the methodology and the tools to specific and well selected case studies at city and regional scale.
  • The seventh and final objective is to propose adequate guidelines and to build appropriate dissemination schemes for all products of the project at European and International level.


Figure. Graphical representation of an infrastructure comprising a number of systems with their interactions.


Elements at Risk

Buildings & Building aggregates

Water & Wastewater

Electronic Power

Gas & Oil



Port Firefighting




Loss Assessment


Socio - Economic




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