SYNER-G: Systemic Seismic Vulnerability and Risk Analysis for Buildings, Lifeline Networks and Infrastructures Safety Gain
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WP7: Software Tools

WP7 Leader: VCE

A new generation of tools is needed to allow owners, practicing engineers and researchers the realistic risk assessment and to provide the ability to leverage investment in new methodologies and software infrastructure while enabling customization to local conditions. SYNER-G represents such a next generation of seismic risk assessment software, based on global existing knowledge and is designed to be extended, customized, and involved to meet the needs of specific organizations and regions. SYNER-G helps to bridge the gap between researchers, practitioners and policy makers by integrating the latest research findings and most accurate data, state of the art methodologies into an extensible software platform. The open source approach of building software has proven to be successful in delivering reliable and extensible solutions to meet the needs of diverse communities. The availability of open source tools, frameworks and codes provides the means to create extensible and evolvable solutions to meet general needs and can be extended to meet unique requirements. The creation of this toolbox will be based on existing works within the Consortium (UPAV, BRGM, AUTH and VCE) as well as the open source solutions offered by the American colleagues engaged to collaborate with SYNER-G (MAEviz developed by UIUC, Prof. A. Elnashai, and Opensees offered by the University of Berkeley, CAL,USA). SYNER-G will take an open source approach based on pre-existing works in Europe and overseas under the consideration of risk based management. The deliverable will be an open source application and environment for loss assessment that is designed to be extended to meet the evolving needs of the earthquake engineering community.

The seventh work package will synthesize the results of the work packages 2 till 6 in order to develop a software package. The prototype package will consider the following objectives:

  • (1)  Intelligent Fragility Curve Archive.
  • (2)  Code for Routines in System Modelling Simulation and Assessment.
  • (3)  Development of a Toolbox for Systemic Seismic Vulnerability and a Risk Analysis.
  • (4)  Web GIS Interface.
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