SYNER-G: Systemic Seismic Vulnerability and Risk Analysis for Buildings, Lifeline Networks and Infrastructures Safety Gain
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WP8: Guidelines,
recommendations and dissemination

WP8 Leader: JRC

Guidelines, recommendations and dissemination activities are crucial for the longlasting effect of the project. Dissemination serves to promote and stimulate the wide participation of relevant European actors in the research process and, in due course, achieving the practical implementation of project outcomes. The dissemination activities and educational materials will be developed in the context of seismic risk prevention and mitigation efforts.

The two main objectives of WP8 are:

  • To prepare technical guidelines and recommendations in the form of European Reference Reports concerning the fragility and loss assessment of individual elements at risk (buildings, utility and transportation network components, critical facilities) and the systemic vulnerability and losses of the entire networks and of system of networks (in city and regional scale) considering inter-element and intra-systems interactions.
  • To develop and implement a dissemination plan for the output from the project, which encompasses:
  • (1)  Knowledge (new methodology for systemic vulnerability assessment);
  • (2) Products from Research (Prototype software for systemic vulnerability analysis and loss estimation, Classification of European physical assets and Guidelines for further development and deployment) and Demonstration activities, and
  • (3) Involvement of Stakeholders and User Communities (ranging from European to Local Authorities, Technical and Scientific Communities).
    Special attention deserves exploitation of the Prototype software to be developed during the project.
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