Project of the month . August 2019

Bridge Completion for the New Bypass of the Voest Bridge

In June the so far greatest technical challenge regarding the construction of the new additional bridges for the Voest Bridge was successfully completed.

For this purpose, four large-size construction components with up to 92 m length and 1,400 tons weight were floated in or transported in and the bridge parts were lifted or hoisted to the already mounted bridge parts. The assembly of the pylon and the installation of the cables will be performed in August. The second bridge completion shall take place by the end of 2019 and in mid-2020 the Voest Bridge extended to eight lanes shall be approved.

Services were the check engineering of detailed structural design, shop drawings and assembly design for these objects. Furthermore four prestressed concrete bridges, three reinforced concrete bridges, two cycle bridges and a bridge extension as well as a multitude of small objects like abutments, underpasses, water protection plants and temporary construction pit systems as well as the respective supporting structures for construction were checked within the scope of this project. The erection of these objects is already in good progress.


Service. check engineering