Project of the month . December 2019

Shared Zone Rotenturmstraße

On 14 November2019 at 2 p.m. the newly designed Rotenturmstraße was opened according to plan.

We prepared the detailed road project together with the architectural office Katzberger.

The new Rotenturmstraße is decreed as a shared zone and has no parking spaces anymore. Sixteen new trees were planted, two fountains and benches were set up, pavement cafes were newly arranged and lighting was renewed for improved quality of sojourn. Furthermore the existing bus stops were included into the project and the available loading zones were integrated.

The walking surfaces were considerably widened for the 30,000 pedestrians per day. The traffic organization remained as it was, only between Schwedenplatz and Lugeck cycling against the one-way street was newly decreed.

The diagonal between the State Opera and Schwedenplatz – via the new Stephansplatz – was completed by means of the new Rotenturmstraße. Thus, a continuously barrier-free, high-quality and urban connecting axis was created in the heart of Vienna.