Project of the month . February 2019

Braking Work Analysis for a Buffer Stop

Civil engineering verification for the performed braking work of a buffer stop without headstock

Weichenwerke Wörth GmbH has developed a new buffer stop. A civil engineering verification of the braking work was the basis for the approval by a public utility.

VCE was assigned with the performance of the required measurements, the evaluation and the preparation of the civil engineering verification as well as the programming of a calculation tool.

The tests were performed on a storage track and were classified into the following steps:

  • Impact with 2 ballast waggons 108 t with different speeds
  • Impact with 3 ballast waggons 146.58 t with different speeds
  • Impact with 17 ballast waggons 753.98 t with different speeds

Client . Weichenwerke Wörth GmbH

Service . Measurement and instrumentation, evaluation, civil engineering verification