Project of the Month . January 2022

Aanpak Ring Zuid, NL

Due to the high traffic load the southern ring motorway through the town of Groningen (A7, Ring Zuid) is repaired on a total length of 12 km and is partly newly built. In this process the existing motorway is demolished between km 197.6 and km 198.9 and will run underground in future. Building 19, established in this connection, is a double-cell tunnel construction in open construction method with 4lanes each per direction. The approx. 35 m wide structure has both open trough areas and "classical" closed tunnel areas.

Planning was carried out using the method Building Information Modelling (BIM). This included the modelling, plan derivation from the models and above all the 3D coordination with fixtures and outbuildings under consideration of the construction stages. Subsequently the model is being used by the construction company for documentation and work preparation.

The progress of the execution works differs over the 1,2 km long structure. In some excavation pit (building pit compartments), the underwater concrete slab was poured and in the next step the base slab of the final construction will be casted. In other excavation compartments, the shell construction of the structure has already been completed and the next step contains the entire architectural and electro-mechanical equipment of the structure.

Location. Groningen, The Netherlands

Client. Combinatie Herepoort

Services of VCE. Submission Design, Construction design, structural design und Tracking implemented solutions on the construction site