Project of the Month . May 2022

Motorway Section Počitelj - Zvirovići

The motorway subsection Počitelj-Zvirovići is part of the project corridor Vc motorway project in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. With a total length of 702 km, Corridor Vc is part of the international E-road network, connecting Hungary, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The longest part of Corridor Vc goes through the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and is a key part in the development of the country.

The Počitelj – Zvirovići subsection is 11.75 km long, and the most significant structure on the subsection is the Počitelj Bridge with a total length of 945 metres and a maximum height of 100 metres, the construction of which will connect the two banks of the Neretva River. In addition to the bridge, an interchange will also be built together with a toll station and access roads to the Buna – Domanovići regional road and the M-17 main road as well as three viaducts, a tunnel and an open route.

Currently the pylons and the 1-kilometre-long tunnel have been largely completed. The bridge deck will be erected in the next few months in cantilever method with 2x2 cantilever carriages. In addition, the construction of an 800-metre-long slope section in steep rock with 60 high berms and two smaller bridges is under progress.

Location. BiH

Client. Autoceste Federacije Bosne i Hercegovine ltd. Mostar

Services VCE. technical assistance