SYNER-G: Systemic Seismic Vulnerability and Risk Analysis for Buildings, Lifeline Networks and Infrastructures Safety Gain
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Syner-G is a European Collaborative Research Project focusing on systemic seismic vulnerability and risk analysis of buildings, lifelines and infrastructures. The systemic vulnerability and the associated increased impact have not been considered so far in a rigorous and unified way for all kinds of systems.

Main Goals of Syner-G are:

  • to elaborate appropriate, in the European context, fragility relationships for the vulnerability analysis and loss estimation of all elements at risk
  • to develop social and economic vulnerability relationships for quantifying the impact of earthquakes
  • to develop a unified methodology, and tools for systemic vulnerability assessment accounting for all components exposed to seismic hazard, considering interdependencies within a system unit and between systems
  • to validate the methodology and the proposed fragility functions in selected sites (urban scale) and systems and to implement in an appropriate open source and unrestricted access software tool

The main outcome of Syner-G will be an open source software tool to evaluate seismic vulnerability and losses considering both physical and socio-economic aspects.


Figure. General graphical layout of the concept and goals of SYNER-G

Duration: November 2009 – 2012


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