Hotel Motto © VCE

Hotel Motto

Vienna, Austria

Hotel Kummer, erected shortly after 1900, is to be completely recontructed with contant utilization as a hotel (approx. 95 rooms) with shop areas on the ground floor and the first basement floor and get a modern attic structure for hotel and restaurant utilization. HVACR and electrical engineering facilities are completely renewed.

VCE’s task in this project is design management for all site progress related trades, detailed design, site supervision & project management. A Revit model was already created in the basic design phase in order to simplify the static processing of this challenging object. Demolition and new construction were modelled and superimposed as two separate construction phases.

Subsequently the Revit model was further developed and improved by the detailed design of architecture. A superposition of the HVACR facilities, in particular the ducts and their lagging, enabled good coordination with HVACR. The plans are directly generated from the model for tender and formwork design.

After non-constructive demolition the load-bearing elements were newly surveyed via laser scan, registered by means of a scatter plot and added to the model. Thus, necessary rehabilitation measures can be accurately planned and coordinated with all expert designers.

A simulation of the building by means of VR glasses facilitated the development of good solutions across all trades.