Structural Assessment by Measurements (BRIMOS®)


  • Measurements at wires, stay cables etc. (force determination, vibration damping, assessment of vibration exposure).
  • Planning and dimensioning of cable vibration damping measures (vibration dampers, connecting wires).
  • Inspection and approval of vibration dampers by measurements.
  • Inspection and assessment of the load-bearing capacity of structures supported by measurements and analyses, in particular by dynamic measurements (industrial buildings, bridges, wind power plants, offshore structures etc.).
  • Measurement and assessment of structural vibrations regarding their impacts on the structure and the users (vibration comfort).
  • Planning and dimensioning of vibration absorbers (high-rise buildings, towers, pedestrian bridges).
  • Assessment of fatigue problems by measurements.
  • Structural safety inspection of lamp poles.
  • Development and implementation of condition inspection concepts.