Research Project CP-Sens

Project of the Month . March 2023

Cyber Physical Sensing for Machinery and Structures

In the research project CP-Sens the corporate partners HBK (Hottinger Brüel & Kjaer), Vestas Aircoil and VCE are developing a cost-effective DIGITAL TWIN-Framework together with the research partners University of Aarhus, University of Aalborg and FORCE Technology.

A DIGITAL TWIN-compatible system is a combination of a physical system, the so-called physical twin, and its virtual digital twin, which can be used for predicting several characteristics of the physical twin.

The physical system (e.g.: a civil engineering structure, a machine, a wind turbine) is equipped with sensors, which enable the assessment of unobserved parameters or quantities not measured (virtual measurement) in combination with simulation models. Thus, predications on the behaviour of a physical system under varying loads (weather conditions etc.) or on the remaining life (fatigue etc.) can be made. The research project shall develop and provide a cost-effective overall solution which can be easily used.

The project with a period of 3 years is financially supported by the “Innovation Fund Denmark”.