European Natural Hazard Visualization and management platform

The open source software EQvis is rooted and designed in the complex system of earthquake impact assessments. It is defined as an analytical impact assessment software package that estimates impacts to numerous types of infrastructure, comprehending the effects on society and economy. EQvis is originally based on MAEviz, developed by the Mid-America Earthquake (MAE) Centre, an open-source project built upon extensible software which makes use of the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (MAEviz, 2013).

EQvis has an open-source framework which employs the advanced workflow tools to provide a flexible and modular path. It can run over 50 analyses ranging from direct seismic impact assessment to the modelling of socioeconomic implications. It provides 2D and 3D mapped visualizations of source and result data and it provides tables, charts, graphs and printable reports for result data. It is designed to be quickly and easily extensible. When new science, source data or methodologies are discovered, these can be added to the system by developers or end users via a plug-in system. Furthermore, the extensibility allows EQvis to be used for other future scenarios, such as other hazardous events like hurricanes, fires, landslides, etc.

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