Mooring System of AmirKabir Drilling Unit

Caspian Sea

The mooring system of the AmirKabir semi-submersible drilling unit, which is located in the Caspian Sea, was calibrated. Therefore the cable (chain) forces of a total of eight winches were measured for different loads and compared against the winch load monitoring system. In case of unacceptable deviations the winch system was adjusted to match the cable (chain) force readings.

The cable (chain) forces were determined by the BRIMOS® 12.1 based method developed by applying the BRIMOS® Recorder with an external 3D-accelerometer. This equipment has been applied worldwide for measurement of cable forces at more than 7 500 cables since 2001. The recorder captured the vibration behavior of cables with an accuracy better than 0.1 %. The cable force was determined from the geometry of the cable, the cable properties and the fundamental frequencies.

Location: Azeri Continental Shelf, Caspian Sea

Client: The North Drilling Company