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Environmental Noise Directive 2017 – Noise Maps Agglomeration Vienna

Within the scope of the EU-wide Enviromental Noise Directive (END) enacted in 2002 strategic noise maps and noise action planning are published every five years (laerminfo.at).

In Vienna’s city region the noise of all roads, tracks and Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) sites is visually represented on two-dimensional coloured maps. Furthermore the noise levels at principal residences are determined and summarized in tables, separated according to the sound source. The calculation comprises the total urban area of Vienna with 414 km² and contains more than 80 million calculation points.

Rail sources in Vienna’s urban area include ÖBB rail tracks, underground railway and tram lines of Vienna’s public transport services and tracks of local railway lines. Motorways and express highways as well as general public traffic routes in the city area are considered as road sources. In the city area of Vienna there are 28 IPPC sites (as of 2012), which are also displayed in the strategic noise maps.

Services: noise mapping, acoustic calculations of railway, road and site noise.