Highway D4 and Expressway R7

The D4R7 project (Highway D4 section Jarovce – Rača and Expressway R7 section Bratislava Prievoz - Holice) consists of the design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance of a newly built road with a total length of approximately 60 km and more than 100 bridge structures, including a bridge over the Danube River, including:

  • 27 km of the new bypass of the D4 highway
  • 32 km of the new speed radial R7
  • 14 transfer nodes
  • 98 structures
  • 3200 m viaduct over the Danube River with two main spans of 210 and 190 m
  • 295 m viaduct near the Slovnaft refinery
  • 7 compensation measures

The project road communication will be operated for 30 years.

Location. Slovak republic
Client. Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic, Zero Bypass Limited
Services. Independent Engineer