Motorway Zagreb – Macelj

The Concession Company AZM was granted the licence to construct and operate the motorway from Zagreb to Macelj with all associated equipment and facilities (PPP-Model, 28 years). Total length of the motorway from Zagreb to Macelj: approx. 60 km, two lanes and emergency lane each direction. Northern part: approx. 19.4 km, newly constructed in difficult terrain with nine tunnel tubes (length between 300°m and 1.700°m), 15 new bridges (length between 150°m and 500°m, in total approx. 4°km), three intersections as well as new underpasses and flyovers, three toll-stations, two rest areas (one filling station), and a new operation and maintenance center with control room. Southern part: approx. 6.4 km, extension from half to full cross-section. Construction of a new bridge over the Sava and rehabilitation of the existing bridge (main bridge in steel, access bridges in pre-stressed concrete, total length approx. 1°km). Existing part: approx. 34°km, upgrading with SOS poles, CCTV and three toll-stations. Inspection and assessment study of existing structures and roadways.