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Innovation Management

Innovation is part of our DNA

VCE uses the force of innovation: Innovation management as a key for sustainable success comprises a holistic process containing continuous improvement. By means of targeted innovation management we create a space where creative ideas can thrive and find solutions promoting our clients and their projects. Experience how we are integrating innovation into the DNA of our work to provide a competitive advantage to you and set new standards in your sector.

The VCE Innovation Platform represents a central component in this connection. Company-wide innovation competitions, idea channels and innovation blogs are handled via this innovation management platform. The objective is to identify ideas and trends in strategic priorities (digitization, sustainability and human resources) and to implement innovation projects in a structured way in order to open up new business segments and develop new services.

Research & Development

Applied research serves for supporting and developing innovative ideas up to products and services and even potential new business areas and consequently promotes the field of innovation.

We at VCE have comprehensive experience in the submission and successful handling of research projects and associated research funding. This refers to both individual research projects and joint projects with universities, universities of applied sciences, research institutes and other companies. Contract research works for companies and public institutions are performed as well.