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VCE Award


VCE Innovation Award for excellence research in sustainable construction.

The VCE Innovation Prize is awarded every two years to students at  for outstanding research achievements in the field of sustainable construction. This prize shall be awarded for achievements in engineering and innovative technical contributions in the form of diploma theses, dissertations or habilitation treatises.

"We want to honour and higlight the outstanding achievements of young engineers."

Peter Furtner
Peter Furtner
Authorized Represen­ta­tive

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AWARD WINNERS since 2014


AWARDED every two years


JURY from BOKU, TU Graz and VCE


Work not older than 24 MONTHS



Tender 2025

The call for proposals is addressed to selected technical faculties and departments at Austrian universities. In principle, diploma and doctoral theses in all fields of civil engineering are eligible for this prize, but particularly in the following area:

  • Sustainable and durable construction
  • Circular construction
  • Structural health monitoring
  • Digitalization in construction
  • Life-cycle management of structures

Diploma theses, dissertations and habilitation treatises shall not be older than 24 months.

In total a maximum sum of € 5,000.— shall be distributed.

This selection committee consists of representatives of the following institutions:

  • University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna
  • Technical University Graz
  • VCE Vienna Consulting Engineers ZT GmbH

Applications should be sent to Ms Evelin Kamper,, by 31 December 2024 at the latest. The application must include

  • Summary of the submitted work (1-2 pages)
  • Complete version of the thesis in digital form
  • Expert opinion on dissertations/habilitation or evaluation of Master's thesis
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Proof of relevant academic qualifications (e.g. list of publications)


VCE Award Winner

VCE Preisverleihung 2021
Photo with the VCE prize winners from left to right: Vice headmaster Christian Obinger, DI Peter Furtner (VCE), DI Dr. Andreas Stollwitzer, DI Thomas Glanzer-Unterscheider, DI Florian Brosch, DI Robert Schedler (VCE), Headmistress MMag.a Eva Schulev-Steindl

Dr. Andreas Stollwitzer

Developing an Approach for the Mathematical Calculation of the Damping Value of Railway Bridges with Ballasted Track, Vienna University of Technology

Master thesis

Thomas Glanzer-Unterscheider, MSc

Load Redistributions in Frame Bridges, Graz Technical University

Master thesis

DI Florian Brosch

Numerical Modeling of Hardened Concrete Based on Experimental Investigations and Exemplary Application on a Carbon-reinforced Concrete Beam, University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences (BOKU) Vienna

VCE Preisverleihung 2019
Photo with the VCE prize winners from left to right: DI Peter Furtner (VCE), DI Tobias Schröckmayr, O.Univ.Prof. Dr.mult. Konrad Bergmeister, Dr. Tobias Huber, Headmaster Univ.Prof. Dr. Hubert Hasenauer, DI Nadine Stoiber
Master thesis

DI Tobias Schröckmayr

Plastisches Rota­tions- und Umlagerungs­vermögen von Rahmen im Vergleich zu Durch­laufträgern (Plastic rotation capacity and moment redistribution of frames in comparison to continuous beams), TU Graz

Master thesis

DI Nadine Stoiber

Numerische, experimentelle & umwelt­relevante Unter­suchungen an karbon­bewehrten, ultra­hoch­festen Beton­trägern mit integrierten Stahl­implantaten (Numerical, experimental & environmentally relevant investigations of carbon reinforced ultra-high performance concrete beams with integrated steel implants), TU Wien


Dr. Tobias Huber

Beurteilung der Quer­kraft­tragfähigkeit bestehender Stahl­beton­platten­brücken mit Aufbiegung (Assessment of the shear resistance of existing reinforced bridges with bent-up bars), TU Wien

VCE Preisverleihung 2018
Photo with the VCE prize winners from left to right: DI Christoph MATZENBERGER, DI Peter FURTNER (VCE), DI Benjamin FENZ, Mag. Andrea REITHMAYER (vice head for finance), DI Stephan FASCHING, Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.nat.techn. Hubert HASENAUER (headmaster), DI Sebastian MAIER, Mag. Ulrike KEBER-HÖBAUS (deputy dean), Dr. Ivan ZAMBON, Univ.Prof. Mag.rer.nat. Dr.rer.nat. Christian OBINGER (vice head for research and innovation)

Dr.nat.techn. Ivan Zambon MSc

Condition prediction models for the performance assessment and management of existing concrete bridges, BOKU

Master thesis

DI Stephan Fasching BSc

Querkrafttragfähigkeit von Stahlbetonbauteilen mit aufgebogenen Längsstäben, TU Wien

Master thesis

DI Benjamin Fenz BSc & DI Sebastian Maier BSc

Integral Bridges with Arch Action, TU Wien

Master thesis

DI Christoph Matzenberger BSc

Prognose von Degradationsprozessen an Stahlbetonbrücken, BOKU

VCE Preisverleihung 2017

Dr. Regina della Pietra

Integralisierung von Bestandsbrücken (Integralization of existing bridges), Graz Technical University


Dr. Andreas Pürgstaller

Seismic performance of post-installed fasteners in concrete with supplement damping device at Structure-Fastener-Non-structural-(SFN)-level, BOKU