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Bridge Inspection Andreas Maurer Bridge

PROJECT OF THE MONTH JULY 2024 | The object of the project is the periodic main inspection of the bridge, supported by a drone flight.

The Danube Bridge near Hainburg is a cable-stayed steel bridge with a maximum span of 228 m and a total length of 426 m. It is the only Danube crossing between Vienna and Bratislava. It has been released to traffic since 1973 under the name of Andreas Maurer Bridge.

The project subject is the periodic main inspection of the bridge. For this purpose, the whole bridge deck was visually inspected with a bridge inspection device. The box girder and the 76 m high pylon were inspected from the interior each. In order to avoid lengthy road closures and to maintain the traffic flow in the best possible way, 8 stay cables of the bridge were documented by drones in cooperation with ADP Rinner.


Lower Austria


Lower Austrian government, department of bridge construction ST5


ADP Rinner


Main inspection, survey

Video. drone-supported main inspection of Andreas Maurer Bridge (00:00:36)

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