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LIMOS® Mast­stand­sicher­heits­prüfungen

LIMOS® (Lamp) Pole Testing

PROJECT OF THE MONTH JUNE 2024 | Poles require regular inspection for stability. VCE has developed a method for stability inspection and assessment under the brand name LIMOS®.

Masts (lighting masts, floodlight masts, sign masts, traffic light masts, etc.) have a limited lifespan. Negative influences such as environmental factors, accidents, additional loads, and damage can rapidly deteriorate their condition and remaining lifespan. Therefore, regular inspections of these structures for stability are necessary (at least every six years).

With LIMOS®, it is possible to quickly capture, document, and measure the condition of a mast on-site to determine its stability. The evaluation and diagnosis are carried out subsequently in the office, but in the future, it will be possible to partially automate this process on-site for certain mast categories.

Due to high demand, LIMOS® has been further developed for use by partner companies. Recently, exclusive usage rights for Austria and Germany were granted to our partners FNDT GmbH and Schmitt NDT GmbH. Major clients like ASFINAG, ÖBB, and the City of Vienna will continue to be served directly by VCE.

For the further development of the inspection device, the internal innovation channel "Solution Finder" was utilised, resulting in the design and realisation of an optimised sensor console.


• Short inspection time on-site
• No traffic restrictions during the inspection
• No load impact or damage to the mast during the inspection
• Online navigation and route optimisation to inspection objects
• Largely automated inspection process including data management
• Integrated documentation (including photos), evaluation, and diagnosis


• Development of the inspection method
• Programming of the inspection software
• Design and manufacture of inspection devices
• Training of inspectors at partner companies
• Support of partners in data evaluation and diagnosis

Video. Limos® (lamp) pole testing on site (00:01:01)