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LIMOS® Cooperation with Schmitt NDT

LIMOS® Cooperation with Schmitt NDT

The companies Schmitt NDT and VCE concluded a long-term strategic partnership for inspections regarding pole stability, in particular of lamp poles, by means of the metrological test method LIMOS®.

VCE as consulting engineering office with its headquarters in Vienna has developed the test method LIMOS® and has performed stability inspections at poles of all kinds worldwide for approx. 20 years.

Schmitt NDT as German family business is one of the most experienced suppliers of non-destructive tests in Germany.

Schmitt NDT will offer LIMOS® as test method all over Germany and perform stability tests of poles of any kind on site in future. The respective cooperation agreement was signed by the management of both companies on 26 April 2024 in Vienna.

Photo: Jan WEITZEL (Schmitt NDT) and Günther Achs (VCE)