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expertisen Stability Assessment of Poles – LIMOS®

Poles have a limited life cycle and are exposed to numerous negative effects – humidity from the outside (rain, dog urine etc.), humidity from the inside (condensed water), aggressive soil conditions and many loads (wind, signposts, cantilevers, stays etc.). These factors lead to corrosion-induced reduction of cross-sections and thus load-carrying capacity as well as to material fatigue over time.

Therefore, an assessment of the stability of poles is required at regular intervals.


We offer these assessments with the following contents:

  • Measurements and analyses according to the LIMOS method as well as ultrasonic measurements
  • Visual condition assessment
  • Evaluation of the measurements and the visual assessment
  • Classification, combination of measurement and visual inspection as well as integration of experience from the pole database
  • Storage of all data in a database

Your benefits

  • No traffic restrictions
  • Walk-by system (minimum space requirements)
  • Non-destructive tests
  • Initial assessment immediately on site
  • Data transmission adjustable to the interfaces of optional specific information systems

Further information on the assessment of poles – LIMOS®:

  • Structural health monitoring
  • Visual inspection
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