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A99 Bayern – BIM Bestandsmodell

A99 Bayern – BIM As-Built Modelling

Bavaria, Germany
The software solution was honoured with the buildingSMART Award in the Technology category.
A99 Bayern – BIM Bestandsmodell
A99 Bayern – BIM Bestandsmodell
A99 Bayern – BIM Bestandsmodell

The project A99 involved the creation of a BIM based structural inspection model for the BW32/1 on the Autobahnring München.

The project for the Autobahn GmbH des Bundes NL Südbayern and Structinspect included the creation of an as-built LOD 500 BIM model; produced using the point cloud based scan to BIM process and enriched using information extracted from the existing reinforcement drawings and inspection reports.

In addition, the project involved the development of a custom software tool to automatically generate a structural inspection BIM model derived solely from the output of the digital structural inspection. A custom Python IfcOpenShell tool was developed to automatically transform the raw ASCII data output from the digital inspection into a highly detailed, information rich IFC4 model and accompanying BCF damages catalogue.

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