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Schrägseilbrücke A4 Ostautobahn

Cable Stayed Bridge A4

Vienna, Austria
BRIMOS® Cable Force Survey on the 64 stay cables of the bridge over the Danube Canal.
Schrägseilbrücke A4 Ostautobahn
Schrägseilbrücke A4 Ostautobahn

The cable-stayed bridge of the A4 eastern motorway over the Danube Canal was repaired. The works were supported by VCE by means of accompanying cable force measurements.

Since then the cable forces of all 64 stay cables have been checked by measurements and analyses every three years. The current measurement was performed by means of the BRIMOS® method. In this process all stay cables were instrumented with 3D accelerometers, the cable forces were determined from the vibration behaviour of the cables by means of eigenfrequency analysis and compared to the results of the previous measurements.

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