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Pinzgauerbahn – Salzachufer

Pinzgauer Railway

Salzburg, Austria
Embankment rehabilitation with hydraulic engineering measures after flood event.
Pinzgauerbahn – Salzachufer
Pinzgauerbahn – Salzachufer
Pinzgauerbahn – Salzachufer

After two flood events on the Salzach in 2021 and 2023, parts of the Pinzgauer railway were severely damaged.

After a 30-year flood event of the Salzach river in August 2023 parts of the railway route were damaged during the reconstruction measures of the Pinzgauer Railway on the route from Niedersill to Uttendorf (km 15.208 – km 21.475). The track area of the Pinzgauer Railway had already been seriously damaged due to a flood in 2021.

The embankments were inspected and documented over the whole route.

Respective recommendations for further building measures were issued for those areas where a rehabilitation of the embankment facing the river or the land was required.

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