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WP Gaweinstal & WP Parndorf

Lower Austria / Burgenland, Austria
Assessment and verification of predicted immissions, taking into consideration the plant modifications.

Due to a significant increase in output at the Gaweinstal and Parndorf wind farms, the EIA authority requested acoustic analyses.

The wind park Gaweinstal consists of a total of 3 wind turbines of the type Vestas V112 with a hub height of 140 m and a performance of 3.3MW per wind turbine. Now the existing wind turbines shall be replaced with plants with a higher performance. The new plants of the type Nordex N163 have a hub height of 164m and a performance of 5.7MW per wind turbine.

Due to the considerably increased performance the EIA authority demanded a sonic study in which on the one hand the sonic impacts of this change had to be demonstrated with regard to the direct neighbours, on the other hand the concerned region is already at a disadvantage due to sonic exposure by the surrounding wind parks (WP Schrick I & II, WP Paasdorf-Lanzendorf WP Kettlasbrunn I & II, WP Höbersbrunn, WP Gugelberg). Apart from the sonic study regarding audible sound (20 to 20000 Hz) the coactive infrasound input had to be also analysed for the first time. Infrasound is defined as acoustic waves with frequencies lower than 20 Hz and thus below the threshold of audibility of human-beings.

The wind park Parndorf shall be approved in the course of an environmental impact assessment (EIA) change procedure for higher-performance plants and the wind situation. The location of the plants shall be also slightly changed.

In this process the predicted immissions by the planned wind park project Parndorf were assessed and inspected at all the immission points analysed considering the change of the plants.

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