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LCE, Asset- & Water Management

expertisen Water Management & Geotechnics

Water management and geotechnics are core competences in civil engineering that deal with the efficient use and sustainable management of water resources and the stability testing of structures, taking into account soil and rock conditions. They make a significant contribution to promoting the circular economy and developing sustainable solutions in order to minimise the ecological footprint and ensure a liveable environment for future generations.

Water Management

Water management comprises the management of above- and below-ground water resources, the industrial and drinking water supply and the disposal of wastewater. A successful water management thus enables an intensive exchange between technical infrastructure, sustainable utilization and circular economy with a focus on our climate.

  • Drainage design – blue-green infrastructure
  • Wastewater disposal
  • Drinking water and firefighting water supply
  • Water management permit procedures
  • Water management site supervision
  • Expert opinions
  • Hydrotechnical as well as engineering and biological embankment protections
  • Blue-Green Infrastructure
  • Drainage and Rainwater Management
Competence Departments

"By means of appropriate technical planning the water cycle can be sustainably supported."

Birgit Strenn
Birgit Strenn
Project Manager Water Management
Flagship Projects Water Management

Geotechnical Engineering

As structural and economic risks of construction projects are often connected with the soil conditions, we aim at developing reliable solutions.

By means of efficient geotechnical tools and methodologies we define, quantify, analyse and predict the behaviour of subterranean structures. Our geotechnical engineering department offers a wide range of services for the assessment and planning of earth structures considering the complex soil-structure interaction.

In this process the following services are performed:

  • Numerical modelling of the subsoil
  • Soil dynamics and geotechnical earthquake engineering
  • Geotechnical surveys
  • Geotechnical expertise
  • Compression technology

Furthermore, our experts also work at the new and further development of geotechnical examination methods and test methods within the scope of research projects.

  • Geotechnics
Competence Departments
Flagship Projects Geotechnical Engineering