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Doha Metro Track Works

Doha Metro Track Works

Doha, Qatar
Metro Doha is the first underground railway in Qatar.
Doha Metro Track Works
Doha Metro Track Works
Doha Metro Track Works

All in all Metro Doha comprises a length of 172 km in phase 1.

This approximately corresponds to the total underground railway network in Vienna. Within the scope of phase 1 of the Metro Doha project four underground lines are constructed.

The track system was designed as ballastless track system STA (Slab Track Austria) including sections of mass-spring systems. The planning comprised tunnels, at-grade and bridge sections. In addition to the main tracks, turnout areas and the associated transition areas were established. As a basis for slab track design the existing alignment was revised and optimized.

Analyses for determining the requirement of emission reduction measures (e.g. mass-spring systems) were performed for providing the protection targets for neighbours regarding vibrations, ground-borne noise and airborne noise. Comprehensive measurements and analyses were performed on site as a basis for these calculations.

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