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The objectives in building design are determined by aesthetics, comfort and ease of use as well as cost efficiency on the one hand and by the specifications of the client, legislation and the public on the other hand.

Requirements for the conservation of resources, energy efficiency, optimization of life-cycle costs for buildings and a value guarantee for real estate increasingly become important topics.

An extremely complex design process arises from this multitude of complex and partly contradicting requirements as well as the multitude of participants.

VCE has a powerful team of well-trained staff members with long-standing experience who guarantee a safe and efficient design.

Structural Design

Structural design takes place in individual steps, which guarantees a correct and safe construction execution.

The objective of structural design is to bring the required load-bearing capacity and serviceability of a structure in line with the demands for cost effectiveness and aesthetics during the intended service life and partly also in the state of construction.

Every project is individual, just as the manifold requirements of the clients. Structural design shall be integrated into the total design process as early as possible and accompany it from the first draft idea up to realization of a structure.

  • Structural design
  • Check engineering
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Building Design

Building design covers a wide range of services in building construction.

This ranges from detailed structural design and BIM to the services of the check engineering and technical due diligence.

Detailed Structural Design

On the basis of preliminary, basic and submission design we perform detailed structural design for new buildings, annexes and reconstruction measures in close cooperation with the architect and in accordance with the artistic specifications. We see detailed structural design as an integral design process where all expert planners are always integrated and coordinated. Therefore, we apply BIM methods for all our projects beyond all subsections and consequently use the added value of this new technology. The client benefits from this in the form of planning with cost, time and quality guarantee.

Facade Refurbishment

Facades are highly complex elements and aspects from architecture, building physics, statics, sun protection and waterproofing are interwoven. Our experts offer comprehensive solutions from damage analysis and approach for refurbishment up to detailed design and tender as well as site supervision.

Check Engineer

The most important aspect in the realization of structures is the compliance with the static and structural standards and the implementation corresponding to the approved plans. Due to its long-standing experience in the static and structural field as well as in dealing with the authorities, VCE stands for an efficient and smooth accomplishment of the tasks of the check engineer.

Technical Due Diligence (TDD)

VCE performs services in the field of condition surveys (Technical Due Diligence – TDD) of projects in all project phases. To VCE the TDD is, however, not only a support of clients before a purchase decision but also a comprehensive technical assessment of a building from the purchasing idea up to the take-over of the object in all technical aspects.

  • Detailed Structural Design
  • BIM Building Information Modeling
  • Due Diligence
  • Facade Refurbishment
  • Check Engineer acc. to Vienna's Building Code
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Flagship Projects Building Design